Fabricate Wrought Iron Products

Fabrication of steel products begins with a design, followed up with precise measuring and cutting of each piece so that it fits tightly together with other pieces where there are the smallest of seams to be welded. This requires craftsmen who are particular, precise and strives for perfection.

We begin a fabrication project with a design communicated to us. That can be done through an architecture drawing, a photo or just a sketch you provide, or we suggest.

Working together, we turn your design into a construction drawing, then we acquire just the right steel, cut it to precise dimensions and shapes, weld it together with years of experienced welding hands, and then we have the product powder coated with one of the 128 different colored powder coatings.

Finally, we install it in just the right place

Some of our new commercial and residential work we have done for customers included:

  • Deck and Stairway Railings

  • Estate Fencing

  • Business, Apartment, Condo and Residential Security Railings and Gates

  • Decorative Accents and Custom Steel Sculpture to Enhance Residential or Commercial Landscapes

  • Ascetic Wrought Iron Needs

Wrought Iron Works is fortunate to have a staff of experienced and proud craftsmen that work diligently to fabricate only outstanding products.